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the journey leading to what is today Esperas Santorini, was literally quite rocky


The story of Esperas begins in 1986 when Oia was still relatively undeveloped and unspoiled A surgeon and his wife, a dentist, were vacationing in Oia, and started looking for a plot to build a family vacation home. A close friend of the couple, who was an Oia native, suggested the rocky slope where Esperas Santorini stands today. The plot boundaries were not clearly outlined, the access was non-existent and the two doctors could only see a rocky slope. On top of everything, they were told there might be a couple of caves in the area, but with no certainty.

Esperas Hotel Santorini - History of Esperas
Esperas Hotel Santorini - History of Esperas


Road access to the plot was non-existent, the boundaries were not clearly defined, and the only way to see the plot was from higher up in the village. Locals advised them that there might be some caves dating back to the early century but no one knew with certainty as quite a lot had changed since the earthquake of 1956. They nevertheless decided to go ahead and purchased the land. After first starting to dig through the rubble, they discovered five pre-existing caves. This immediately changed their thinking and planning. The idea of turning the property into a small hotel emerged. The project demanded a lot of manual labor in very challenging situations which is why this hand-crafted hotel opened its doors after 5 years of hard labor, relentless effort and sacrifice.


Esperas Santorini first opened its doors in 1992. At the time it was one of just five hotels in Oia. “Esperas” is an ancient Greek word which means evening and after witnessing the magnificent sunset in Oia, the perfect name was chosen. Three years after the hotel commenced operations, the family expanded the hotel by purchasing the neighboring property and after a couple more years, in 1997, the new addition to the hotel was complete along with the characteristic half-cave swimming pool that was also carved into the rock. Esperas Santorini has been constantly improving in smaller or larger ways with the addition of more cave houses and amenities such as the poolside bar and restaurant. The daughter of the original owners started managing the boutique hotel in 1999 after obtaining her degree from "L'Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne", and since 2009 her husband, an engineer has been in charge, continuing the true embodiment of a family-run-hotel.

Esperas Santorini pool


Esperas has become an integral part of Oia’s history and offers world-famous views of the sea across the Caldera and the magnificent sunset, as well as relaxing days and serene stays to all its guests. Luxury and accommodation are synonymous at Esperas Santorini. Currently Esperas has three distinct types of accommodation: Studios, Cave houses, and Suites. All of the units enjoy a beautiful and unobstructed sea view of the Aegean and the vast majority face Santorini’s sunset from their own private terrace. The typical Cycladic setting is blended indoors with traditional local design elements to fully complement the spectacular views of the sea and the bright sunshine. Esperas grants you the opportunity to experience a traditional Greek island cave house dwelling coupled with modern day amenities and services in a serene and prestigious environment.