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Important notice due to COVID-19 outbreak

Esperas Santorini hotel has always considered the health and wellbeing of our guests and employees as our highest priority. Given the continued consideration of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we wish to inform all of our guests that the hotel is planning to open for business on May 1st  2020. If our scheduled hotel opening changes due to the ongoing concerns, we will issue a public statement. All the necessary precautions and measures are in place to ensure all of our common areas area thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily. All of our cleaning protocols and procedures concerning our housekeeping staff have been updated and are now based on the latest suggestions by health officials.

Concerning reservations that have been made through our website for dates up to April 30th, we waive all cancellation fees for guests who cannot or are not willing to travel to Santorini. Concerning stays after April 30th, we will reevaluate our policies mid-April and issue a statement at that time.

For any reservations made through third parties, our guests should contact those parties regarding their cancellation policies. Esperas Santorini has informed all of the third party OTAs with which we have contracts, of this change in our cancellation policy.


Important notice due to COVID-19 outbreak

Esperas Santorini is taking all necessary measures and precautions
to ensure the health of our guests and employees due to the CONVID-19 outbreak.
We are amending our cancelation policy with immediate effect.

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