Things to pack when traveling to Santorini

Things to pack when traveling to Santorini

When organizing your trip to Santorini there are many things that you have to research. One of them is things to pack. With the following advice, you can cross out this consideration because we provide you with all useful tips.


Most tourists visit Santorini from April to October, when the weather is generally warm. However, April and October visitors might experience lower temperatures and a few showers. Therefore, we suggest you pack light clothes, such as a couple of summer dresses, shorts and few tops for the ladies, or short trousers and T-shirts for men. As a summer breeze blows in the evenings all over the Aegean islands, also pack a light summer jacket. Light pajamas would also be nice, but if you want to save space in your suitcase, you can sleep in with a T-shirt.


You surely can’t come to Santorini for summer holidays without beachwear! Make sure you have a couple of swimsuits, plus a sarong for the ladies. It would also be wise to have a beach towel, beach bag and sunscreen with you, but if you don’t already have them, there are plenty of shops in Santorini to buy these items from here. There are some great beaches in Santorini, so be prepared for enjoyable hours at the sea or Esperas Santorini Hotel pool!


Take with you a pair of flip-flops for the beach and a pair of trainers for walking. Santorini has many paved paths, so trainers are most recommended. You will also need them for hiking at the volcano or the Oia – Fira hiking path. For a night out, we suggest comfortable shoes for the ladies. High-heels are not easy to walk on the paved paths of our villages, so if you can’t live without your heels, a pair of platforms would be better than high-heel shoes.

Other things to pack for Santorini

Esperas Santorini Hotel offers high-quality toiletries to its guests, so you will probably not need shampoo and shower gel, unless if you want to pack the travel size products.
What you will probably need during your trip to Santorini is a body lotion as your skin might get dehydrated from sea and sun. Also pack a face cream, hairbrush, toothbrush and few other personal items.
If you are traveling with tech devices, you need a European adapter.
And of course, make sure your mobile, tablet or camera has enough space for the hundreds of photos that you will take during your Santorini holidays!

These are the main things to pack when traveling to Santorini, and generally when traveling to Greece for summer holidays. Just remember to take our advice and pack lightly! You probably know from your traveling experience so far that, during holidays, we usually need much fewer things than what we pack in our suitcase.