The Top 4 Sceneries to Photograph in Santorini Island

The Top 4 Sceneries to Photograph in Santorini Island

All people travelling carry a camera, if not a camera most of us have a smartphone that takes amazing photos. We like capturing a beautiful moment and freezing time in a picture, especially when we are on holidays and more so at such a stunning place like Santorini island. Photographs are a great storyteller in which you can show, where you stayed, what you saw, what you ate, who were your companions; you can even express your feelings through a picture. Santorini island and Esperas Hotel are the adequate places for you to unfold your talent. Even if you are not a pro in photography, the island offers you generously so many gems to capture. Begin your photo journey at Esperas Hotel, at its astounding location in Oia, that offers you jaw-dropping Caldera views and romantic sunsets. Just sit on the terrace of your hotel room and start taking pictures of what lays in front of you. The island offers a variety of sceneries, some of which we will introduce to you below and some hidden places you can find on your own while touring on the island.

1. The Magical Beaches

There are plenty of beaches in Santorini for all tastes but the most unique are the volcanic, colourful ones. At the Red or White beach, you will photograph the raw beauty of the island. The black pebbles of Perissa or Agios Georgios and the wild cliffs of Baxedes and Koloumpos will take your breath away.

2. Oia, Imerovigli, Fira and Akrotiri

No one can resist the mesmerising colours the sky takes as the sun dives into the Aegean sea. One of the most famous sunsets in the world and one of the most photographed. Take your own shot and compete the professionals. These four are the top locations on the island to enjoy from afternoon to dusk, and they are so easy to photograph.

3. The Volcano

It is fascinating finding yourself on a volcano. How can you not take a picture of that moment? The island is well known for its geological treasures because of that volcano. You can read more about it and learn what to do when you get there here.

4. Buildings and Houses

When you are on a Greek island you expect to see the whitewashed houses and the cobblestone streets. In Santorini, you can also find the distinctive cave houses, castles and majestic captain houses, as well as a lot of churches and monasteries in beautiful locations. You have to immortalise these moments of you being there, by taking a picture.
Santorini is an island of so many things, which you can experience and photograph. It will be an unforgettable vacation, that will stay not only in your memory but imprinted in all the photographs that you will take. Each location and landmark will invoke a variety of feelings, from joy to romance and from awe to calmness. Encapsulate them in a picture and enjoy these moments while staying at Esperas Hotel.