The 5 Most Romantic Things to Do in Santorini

The 5 Most Romantic Things to Do in Santorini

If you are looking to take your love to new heights, the magnificent cliff-side vistas of Santorini and the incredible surroundings offer a trip of a lifetime.

The jewel of the Cyclades is unlike any other destination in the world, uplifting the emotional allure of travel while you and your loved one take in the astonishing volcano rock formations and the fabulous sea-to-sky landscapes.

Santorini is a phenomenon, and it is hard to compare it with any other destination in the world. The unique landscape and its incredible surroundings reflect the sunlight in such a way that no one can resist its beauty. The rolling whitewashed houses hang on the top of the caldera, strolling all the way down to the sea's pristine waters, creating a picture-perfect canvas. The far north gem-like village of the island, Oia, sits like a queen on the throne of the most incredible caldera overlooking the volcano and a sunset that stays with you forever. Santorini makes it easy to fall in love. And as love knocks on your door, make sure you are open to some of the most unforgettable experiences you have ever had.

1. Experience the sunset at Oia favorite's spot

Millions of travelers are drawn here from across the globe to experience the golden sun as it dives into the Aegean's crystal blue waters. Watching such a spectacular sunset combined with breathtaking views over the sea, taking in the energy of this majestic corner of the earth, is a unique experience.
Only those who have experienced it can really understand the tranquillity one experiences, no matter how many people are around you.
The sunset rock of Oia is the best place to take in the magnificent colorful sky when the sun dives into the Aegean sea.
When you stay at Esperas Hotel, you have the privilege to be on the spot without moving from the comfort of your five-star suite.

2. An Unforgettable Stay at Oia's Caldera

Unwind at your Premium Honeymoon Plunge Pool Suite gazing at Santorini' famous sunset, enjoy the luxurious comforts and amenities while taking in the spectacular sea view from your spacious private veranda. Esperas Hotel offers immaculate services during your stay, so you feel total relaxation and disconnection. A king-size bed with soft organic cotton and eco-friendly natural amenities embraces your experience with a joie de vivre feeling that stays with you after your visit.

3. Taste Santorini in a Glass of Precious Wine

The particular characteristics of Santorini indigenous wines fill you with energy and positive vibes that derive from the rich volcanic soil in which the grapevines grow.
Assyrtiko, Mavrotragano, Athiri, Nychteri are just some of the local wine varieties of Santorini that you should try at least once in your life, especially if you are a wine lover.
A visit to Santorini's boutique wineries is a unique wine tasting experience paired with some of the island's top delicacies. You will also have the chance to visit some of the oldest canavas (cave houses) in the Mediterranean and witness ancient Greek mystique wine stories and secrets.

4. Dinner for Two at Ombra Restaurant

Dining at Ombra Restaurant in Oia is a tribute to Mediterranean cuisine with fresh and delicious ingredients that create gastronomic magic like no other.
Choose the fresh sea bass filet or try the slow-cooked lamb shank or the Angus steak that the chef highly recommends.
A unique gastronomic experience with breathtaking views of the caldera and the sunset of Santorini that will awaken your senses beyond the ordinary.

5. Esperas Hotel Sunset Massage for Two

One of life's ultimate pleasures is a relaxing massage. Add to that the stunning sea view of the caldera of Oia in Santorini and you will have a supreme romantic experience.
Esperas Hotel offers a dedicated spa area overlooking the caldera of Oia where you and your beloved one can enjoy the most memorable couple massage.
Contact Esperas concierge team and book your massage appointment during the sunset for a blissful experience.