The 4 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Santorini

We recommend you the best 4 places in Santorini to watch the unique and picturesque sunset.

Imagine this scene: an amphitheatrical cliff leading down to the wine dark waters of the sea. Little white houses built with seemingly no plan; narrow, cobblestone and labyrinthine streets, snaking their way around them; the sun slowly setting, ready to dive in the Aegean in an explosion of colors; and, finally, people marveling at what has been happening for eons, at what will be happening for eternity. This is Oia in Santorini, where Esperas Hotel is located, and it is among the top destinations in the world for those travelers who still feel a sense of awe every time they witness the magnificence of the sun, realizing the reasons why it once was (and still is in some places) among the gods of mankind.

Santorini is very unique in the way you can enjoy the sunset and that is why it is world famous. The cliffs formed by the volcano offer amazing views on their own, but it is quite fortunate that they’re looking to the west, towards the Aegean with a few smaller islands close by enhancing the views. There are four places that are absolutely recommended if you want to watch the sunset: Oia, which we have already mentioned, Imerovigli, the Akrotiri Lighthouse, and Fira, the capital.

Oia: Even if you don’t have a watch (and somehow you fail to notice that the sun is climbing down from the skies), Oia will be a good indication that the sun is about to set. Its streets are filled with people holding cameras and wearing sunglasses, ready to enjoy what they’re there for, the sunset. Sometimes, however, it is best to enjoy the view from the comfort of your own balcony, and that’s what Esperas Hotel in Oia can offer you.

Imerovigli: To enjoy the sunset from Imerovigli you’ll have to climb high, to Skaros, an old Venetian Castle that offers views going above the islands that would be otherwise blocking the sun. It’s quieter than other places and definitely worth a visit.

Akrotiri: On the other side of the island, the Akrotiri Lighthouse offers unobstructed views to the sunset. If you’re lucky this view will include a boat sailing ostensibly into the sun.

Fira: If you’re at Santorini, you’re bound to go to Fira. While the view is a bit more cluttered, there are few things in life better than enjoying a cup of cold coffee or an early cocktail and watching the sun going down.