Landmarks and archaeological sites in Santorini

Landmarks and archaeological sites in Santorini

When people think of Santorini, the first thing to come in mind is the impressive caldera with the white villages and the romantic sunset. In fact, millions of tourists head to Santorini each summer to see the most impressive sunset in the world from the top of Oia village or from a private suite balcony, like the balcony of our suites in Esperas Hotel.

However, what visitors should also have in mind is that Santorini is an island with long history and authentic character of its own. There are many landmarks and archaeological sites in Santorini that are definitely worth a visit.

Here are our favorite landmarks to visit in Santorini.

1. The Volcano

Could you come to Santorini and not visit the famous volcano? The very special thing is that only the top of Santorini volcano is visible, as the rest of the caldera is sunken and filled in with water from the Aegean Sea. Therefore, the volcano is visited only with excursion boats that depart from the main port of Santorini or from the old port of Fira town, the capital of the island. Get on this boat and take your chance to walk on an active volcano!

2. The Minoan Site of Akrotiri

The archaeological site of Akrotiri in Santorini is among the most interesting archaeological places in Greece. Akrotiri was a wealthy town until it was totally covered with volcanic lava due to the eruption of Thera, around 1,500 BC. The archaeological excavations revealed a busy and developed settlement under tones of volcanic ash. In fact, many historians believe that Ancient Akrotiri is strongly connected to the myth of the lost Atlantis.

3. The Santo Wines Winery

Due to its special climate and the volcanic soil, Santorini is a popular wine-producing place. Take a drive around the island and you will see many hectares of vineyards as well as lots of wineries. A very popular winery in Santorini is the Santo Wines Winery. Located outside the village of Pyrgos, Santo Wines offer wine-tasting tours and an ample terrace with caldera views. In fact, the view from this winery is so magnificent that it is a popular place for wedding ceremonies in Santorini.

During your holiday on our island, take the chance to discover the impressive landmarks and hidden archaeological sites in Santorini. You will be impressed by the secret beauty of our island!