5 reasons NOT to visit Santorini

5 reasons NOT to visit Santorini

Santorini can be a magnificent place indeed to spend your summer holidays. So much has already been written regarding the reasons why you should visit this magical island but are they really true? Take a little time and ponder a little bit about all these perks. Are they really what you need during your holidays? Consume this article at your own risk, since it was released on April Fool’s Day.

The Sunset

1. The Sunset

Let’s begin by decomposing the sunset as a natural phenomenon. A sunset is the moment when the sun sets and night comes. Period. Nothing unique about that. Santorini’s sunset and the view from Esperas Hotel in Oia are world famous. For what? The moment that the day gives its place to the night, all these colors fill the sky and the sun looks like a gigantic flaming ball. What is so special about that? Plus it happens every single day.  Ok, a sunset does give the sky a sensational palette of colors ranging from gold and peach to purple and the gentle sea breeze hits your face. This image brings feelings up to the surface. You start feeling all romantic and tender and loving and soft. A state of melancholy and nostalgia kicks in. Hey, you are on holidays! Do you really need to witness marvels of nature and be overwhelmed with feelings? And do you really want to do all that at Esperas Hotel where you get to enjoy it in the privacy of your own terrace?


The Stairs

2. The Stairs

Let us try and describe Santorini. This island is a giant black rock with white Cycladic houses and blue dome churches on top. In order to go up to or down to the sea level you have to have either drive, ride a donkey or walk. Imagine walking up and down the steps, through whitewashed houses, under the clear blue summer sky. Walking through cobblestone alleys and discovering local shops and restaurants on your way. Boy, that sounds not only exhausting but also time-consuming. Holidays are not made for new experiences.

Now imagine that there are places in Santorini, where your only option is to walk these whitewashed steps just to get where you want. You have to do that while taking in an amazing view of the Caldera l. During your walk, you get a first-hand glimpse of houses of locals, their yards, and everyday habits. They might even talk to you and offer you something from their garden. Never take something from strangers, wow that’s scary. To sum it up, all this walking and climbing and seeing new things or meeting with different people, can be a little bit disturbing, don’t you think..?

The Caldera

3. The Caldera

Think about this for a second. You are on an island with a dormant, yet active volcano. Between Santorini and Thirasia (a small island across Santorini) the ocean bed is actually part of this land because it sunk thousands of years ago! From Esperas Hotel you have the best view to the Caldera, and this setting. So, you have the best view to the place where Atlantis probably lays. Well, that is something. When you are in Santorini, you stand on volcanic ground and witness layers of red and black volcanic rocks everywhere. Have you heard of the saying “the vibes on this island are amazing?” Yes , they are because they are volcanic vibes.

Not to mention all the colorful beaches that have been created due to the volcano. There is the Red beach, the White beach, the Black beach and the water on all of them is crystal clear. All these colors and the fact that it is one big volcanic rock, are valid reasons not to visit this place. Well, no thank you! All this natural energy and uniquely colored beaches are not the best ideas.





The Cave Houses and Traditional Living

4. The Cave Houses and Traditional Living

You decided to go on holidays to Santorini. Well,you are very brave! Overcoming that this island was formulated by a volcanic eruption and all the feelings and great memories it will bestow upon you, you start looking for the traditional lifestyle. Let me give you two words. Cave. Houses. That is the traditional way of living in Santorini. Do you know what that means, apart from the fact that you might spend your holidays in a cave? These houses are part of traditional Santorini, they are white and underground with curves and domed facades and sometimes they even come with a cave pool. Hmmm… Allow me to show you a photo and you can understand my terror (actually at Esperas Hotel the have also a cave in their pool)


Cave Pool

Cave house, cave pool, privacy, and comfort. You are on holidays!! You don’t need privacy or comfort for that matter. Esperas Hotel offers you traditional accommodation with comfort and there are also quite a few cave houses/rooms you can stay in. You don’t  need to get in touch with the traditional living of every place you visit while doing it in comfort and style, do you? You just need a bed… and safety. Don’t get me started on the volcano again.






Food and Wine

5. Food and Wine

Do you know what a fresh cherry tomato is, or a white aubergine, or capers? Most probably you never tasted them in your life. So what? You have survived and managed to get this age you are today, all healthy and strong without ever tasting or eating these things. Yes, of course, they originated in Santorini and this is the only place you can find them fresh but it’s not like you need them. Having all these traditional dishes of Santorini with the remarkable taste of fresh ingredients in a restaurant like Ombra, with the most amazing view to the Caldera (you know, danger) is an experience you’d better leave out of your bucket list. The wine in Santorini is also world famous (this is one popular island!). You have heard of VInsanto wine, it comes from here. But who wants to drink unique wine during the hot summer days from the place where it is actually produced? No, you don’t need that.  A glass of water is fine and enough.

Now we covered all the grounds with the reasons not to visit Santorini and Esperas Hotel. The sunset, the tastes, the view, the unique experiences cannot be what you are looking for in your holidays and the accommodation you choose to stay at. We hope we convinced you and remember… stay safe!