4 reasons to book a table at Ombra restaurant

4 reasons to book a table at Ombra restaurant

Santorini is your perfect getaway for summer and Esperas Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays. Combining the ideal location and world class service we give you a one of a kind traditional and deluxe experience. Ombra Restaurant as a part of this experience takes you on a journey and wakes up your taste buds in the most special way. To know a destination and understand a culture means diving into the lifestyle, the historical sites, the living and of course the cuisine. Ombra Restaurant in Esperas Hotel provides you with the unique opportunity of relishing the Cycladic tradition in all its forms and tastes and here is how we do it.

1.Traditional ingredients with a modern twist

The vision has always been to exhibit the importance of tradition in a refined way in all aspects of your stay in Esperas Hotel. Incorporating traditional flavours in modern recipes in order to upgrade our guests’ experience, led to the structure of the carefully designed menu card. Ingredients like chloro cheese, cherry tomatoes, white aubergine, capers and local wine (which are true traditional products and tastes of Santorini) have wedded with modern savours presenting you dishes like Santorinian cherry tomato patties, the Trilogy of Greek Spreads or the Greek Tasting Platter (with fried kalamari, dolmadakia, octopus, tomato patties, Greek cheeses, fava, beetroot salad, tzatziki and eggplant salad).


You will find a variety of ingredients, perfectly incorporated into a variety of dishes. We have provisioned to satisfy all tastes and preferences while serving both lunch and dinner. From the traditional talagani cheese in the wraps, baguettes and burgers to cherry tomatoes with the local chloro cheese in the Santorini Risotto. Vegetarians will not be sorry for visiting our restaurant as we have a large range of salads, exemplary Santorinian fava and a special wrap and baguette or even a club sandwich. Meat lovers will be delighted to hear that apart from the burgers, there are plenty of choices juicy steaks and fillets. Desserts like lemon tart or chocolate souffle will “cleanse your palate” the sweetest way.

3.The special tastes

The Grilled Shrimp starter dish, is not to be missed. It is seasoned with special Santorinian herbs, with our chef’s Mojito sauce. For the ultimate mediterranean flavor try the Sea Bass a la Papillote which is baked in rice paper with carrots, zucchini, celery & lemon sauce. The crispy fish, the sweet vegetables and the sharpness of the sauce are an unrivalled match. For the adventurous taste buds don’t miss the Sea Bream filleτ, served with tomatoes and capers in Asyrtiko wine sauce. As you can imagine the seafood selection is pure delight.

If you are a Risotto lover then we have the best choice of recipes for you. If you are not, you might change your mind right after you tried the Risotto with a mix of forest mushrooms and baby kalamari, a divine combination of forest and sea goods will not leave you unsatisfied. The Santorinian risotto is the traditional touch of this selection. The world renowned Santorinian cherry tomatoes, capers, spring onion, olives and Chloro (the local cheese) take part in an amazing cultural mixture leaving in awe after every spoon.

4.Dining with a view

The most romantic sunset view is here (Ombra restaurant located within Esperas Hotel which is one the 4 best locations to watch the sunset in Santorini) to accompany your dinner. Lounge around your table and immerse yourself in the unprecedented moment of dining with unobstructed views to the famous Santorini sunset. Here, you are in the prestigious position of enjoying this wonder of nature taking action before your eyes, from the comfort of your own space. While the rest are crowded around a cliff to capture a glimpse of the sky, you are relaxing with a wine in your hand. A picture perfect indelible moment.

In addition to all the perks of enjoying your meal at Ombra Restaurant is the ability to book your table in advance through our website or through Open Table (to make a reservation press here). Now whether you are our guest or not, you can delight in this experience and join us to see for yourself. Please your taste, liberate your mind with this gorgeous sight, smell the seasoned aromas from your dish, listen to the sea and hug your partner. Esperas Hotel is an experience for all your senses.