4 Alternative Ways To Explore Santorini

4 Alternative Ways To Explore Santorini

There are many ways to explore and discover the magical island of Santorini. It all begins from the accommodation you choose. Esperas Hotel is one of the best choices you can make from many aspects. First,  it provides the traditional feeling of Cycladic living, second you get the opportunity to witness the sunset from the best location in Oia, you get to dine in the unique Ombra restaurant and enjoy a tasty cocktail with Caldera and Volcano view. Last but not least, we will provide you with all the information you need to explore Santorini with alternatives, yet fun ways.

1.Electrical Bicycles

Electrical bicycles give you the opportunity to ride through Santorini ecologically without having to get tired. The Electrical Redal Assist System helps you travel a distance of many miles without feeling overwhelmed from all the biking. You also enjoy the fresh sea breeze and feel the gentle sun on your skin. There is a variety of tours you can choose. If you are an experienced bike rider you can always rent a bike and make your own tour or you can visit the special electrical bike tour guides. They can help you find the best tour for you plus you share this experience with a small group of co-riders.


Explore the island from the sea. Embark on a journey to the most secluded beaches, visit the volcano and the neighboring small islands like the volcanic Nea Kameni. You can also swim in the hot springs and enjoy snorkeling or even scuba diving. The variety of sailing tours is very big. You can choose morning, noon and afternoon trip. You can go for a full day sailing experience or just a few hour exploration. Take a sailing tour in Santorini with a catamaran, a motor yacht or even a traditional boat. Above all don’t forget to finish your sailing day, with a sunset view straight from the sea level.


Everything looks different from above, so why not choose a tour that gives you this chance. The stunning Santorini unravels its beauty in one glimpse. From the caldera, the amazing evergreen wine fields to the traditional houses hanging on the edge of the cliffs, this aerial experience will take your holidays to whole new level. Imagine all the colorful beaches and the blue dome churches in one capture. Appreciate the beauty and magnificence of our island this unique way. Book your flight and enjoy the skies.


Engage yourself in an activity where you can come in touch with the vintage way of traveling. Paddle your way around Santorini and explore the most beautiful coves and visit the most famous places like the colored beaches and Palaia Kameni. Whether you are an experienced kayaker or just a beginner it does not matter because the guided excursions are available for all level of expertise and will take you on a memorable Santorini sea tour.

Esperas Hotel in Santorini and our reception will give you any information you need regarding these alternative Santorini tours. This island will give you a lifetime experience because it has so much to offer from all its aspects. Begin your journey in Santorini from Esperas Hotel and start writing your own book of Santorini experiences.