10 reasons to choose Santorini for your honeymoon

10 reasons to choose Santorini for your honeymoon

You might be drowning in a sea choices for your honeymoon and believe that it is such a hustle to plan it. But when Santorini comes to mind all doubts are resolved and it begins to seem a pleasure to plan this journey. Because ask yourself, if not Santorini, then where? The island is oozing with romantic vibes and love waves. Exactly for that matter, Esperas Hotel created a dedicated room type, just for you. The Honeymoon Suite, and now we will give you 10 reasons to choose Santorini and Esperas Hotel for your special honeymoon trip.



1. Oia

This village is a timeless beauty. Everything works towards romance and passion. This settlement has had a long history of prosperity. It hosts Captain’s houses reminding everyone its former naval strength. Geographically it is hundreds of feet above the sea level, hanging off the north west part of the island. An awesome location for enjoying the sea breeze and the best part of the island to relish the sunset and gaze into the infinite blue.






The Sunset

2. The Sunset

Romance and a beautiful sunset are sort of an item. No one can deny that when dreaming a romantic moment, a jaw dropping view to a sunset pops in. The sun in Santorini takes on a different character, this island is world renowned for this part of the day. When the sun kisses the sea line, it produces a magnificent blend of the most unique sky colors. A moment like this is unrivaled. No words can describe this natural miracle. Combine it with the privacy of your Honeymoon’s suite terrace and there you go, a dream comes true.





The Food

3. The Food

While you relax and pamper each other, give into to some “gluttony”. Try all the traditional tastes and enjoy the journey with all your senses. Santorini is also known for the production of natural ingredients like “cherry tomatoes” and the “white aubergine”. There is an abundance of restaurants that will offer you a great taste experience. And there is Ombra Restaurant in Esperas Hotel that provides you both the amazing and romantic views as well as a modern twist to the traditional tastes of Santorini.





The Wines

4. The Wines

Tender moments of your honeymoon are perfectly matched with a glass of wine. When that wine is local the experience is complete. Don’t miss out on the wine tours and wine tastings taking place across the island. Sorts that are produced indigenously in Santorini are at your disposal. Taste them and learn how they come from a vine to a wine. The island produces world class wine that is worth tasting and enjoying.






The Weather

5. The Weather

The Mediterranean climate is perfect for traveling. The ideal weather conditions, give you the opportunity to customize your honeymoon and combine all sorts of activities. From visiting archaeological sites like Akrotiri, to swimming and sunbathing all day long or sailing. If you are lucky enough, Anedossa, Santorini’s magic fog might make its appearance and travel you to mythical times with its clouds surrounding the whole island.

6. Activities

If you are an active couple, Santorini does not leave you unsatisfied. Join the cruises, the helicopter rides or the kayaking and snorkeling tours. You can explore the island and its gems anyway you wish. On the other hand, if you are more into relaxing, ask for a massage treatment, enjoy one of our cocktails at the bar with the most beautiful Caldera view and take a dive in our pool. Take a small walking tour of Oia through the cobblestone alleys and go shopping in the cutest local boutiques.

7. The Outdoor Cinema in Kamari

On the southeast side of the island, an outdoor cinema welcomes you in a large garden, offering A’ class sound and image. This is a great way to entertain as a couple. Lay back at the comfortable chairs and order a beer, a wine or a cocktail, eat the delicious popcorn under the summer starry sky and delight in watching the latest movies.

Island Hopping

8. Island Hopping

Santorini is connected with various islands near by. You can start your honeymoon in Esperas Hotel, relax and enjoy traditional moments of pampering and then visit all the other islands around it. You could start from the cosmopolitan Mykonos and move onto Mylos and Folegandros. Another choice would be to visit Crete or go for the trendy destinations like Paros, Naxos, and Koufonisia. With Santorini as your starting point, you are in front of a lot of choices if you wish to visit different destinations in one journey. If this is not your thing then stay in Santorini as the activities you can engage in are endless.




Start with a wedding in Santorini

9. Start with a wedding in Santorini

Why not do it all here? This island is extremely organized to host your wedding day. In addition, Esperas Hotel being in a prestigious location, it serves as the perfect venuefor your wedding ceremony and reception. In Santorini, you can find your wedding planner, the vendors, the photographer and everything you may need for your big day. Make some long lasting memories by elongating your wedding experience.




The Honeymoon Suite In Esperas Hotel

10. The Honeymoon Suite In Esperas Hotel

This is a great reason to have your honeymoon in Santorini. The Esperas Honeymoon Suite is the most romantic unit of our hotel. It features two verandas so you can enjoy your breakfast with a sunset and a sea view, a fully private outdoor jacuzzi and a spacious indoors with a Kings-size bed. Slippers and soft cotton Bathrobes are also provided, so you have no reason at all to leave your room. Additionally, a little surprise will be awaiting you, when you first enter the room. A blend of luxury, traditional lifestyle and comfort covers you the moment you step in. It is all planned and structured to offer you privacy, elegance, and comfort.

Plunge into the Santorini vibe and excel at choosing the right honeymoon destination. Esperas Hotel is the most romantic and relaxing place for a newlywed couple to stay and enjoy each other. Whether you are planning your honeymoon, your wedding or both, then this is for you!